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Nano Etching Machine

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Yugma Mark-2
A new unit designed for medium batch production or medium volume user.
Standard features include

  • Medium power transformer with AC / DC Voltage for Black and White marking.
  • Special timer to control the cycle time and etching depth as well.
  • Foot pedal control.
Manual Etching Machine
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of etching machines that is operated manually. These machines are offered in three models which has its special features and specifications.

Yugma Mark - 1
Features and specifications
  • Medium Power transformer with AC Voltage regulator for controlling the etching depth.
  • Etching process is limited only for black marking
  • It has an user friendly controller
  • Highly efficient
  • Cost effective

Yugma Mark - 2
Features and specifications
  • Medium power transformer with AC/DC Voltage for Black and White marking
  • Specially designed with a new unit for medium batch production or medium volume user
  • Special timer to control the cycle time and etching depth as well
  • Foot pedal control
  • High performance
  • Cost effective
  • Easy operation

Yugma Mark - 3
Features and specifications
  • Mark - 3 is equipped with memorable counter for batch count, timer for controlling the cycle time
  • Dose pump timer, which takes care of circulation of electrolyte to avoid over heating and achieving longer stencil life
  • AC/DC voltage for Black and white marking specially designed for heavy batch production or high volume user who requires automation
  • Robust construction
  • Easy operation
  • Automatic assembly includes : Pneumatic cylinder, dosing pump, foot pedal and more.