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Pipe Dot Peen Marking Machine

 Product Specification

 Item number  BM-08TCY
 Product Name  CNC Controller Pipe Cylinder Pneumatic Dot Peen Metal Marking Machine
 Cast Iron Base  Durable over 10 years
 Usage  Metal machine for printing, marking, engraving – Stylus printer, dot peen header
 Marking surface  Pipe Tube Cylinder Surface & Flat curved surface
 Additional parts need  Computer & air compressor (optional : 7.5 inch monitor don’t need computer)
 Marking Power  Air compressor (pneumatic) & electricity
 Electricity  AC220V±10%~50Hz   AC110V±10%~50Hz
 Energy consumption  120W (air compressor excluded)
 Controller type  Connect computer with software
 Marking type  Full-Automation(CNC controller)
 Marking machine type  Desktop, Benchtop
 Marking contents  Characters, numbers, symbols, graphs, logo, two dimensional barcode
 Size of characters  Adjustable on marking software
 Marking depth  0.02-2 mm (adjustable, depending on materials)
 Marking speed  3-5 letters/s according to letter size (height 2mm)
 Marking materials  Metal or nonmetals with hardness under HRC65
 CNC or Not  No(optional item with CNC)
 Pneumatic pressure  0.3-0.6 Mpa
 Repeat precision  0.02-0.04 mm
 Dot peen header  Harden HRC92 (Hardness)
Usage Metal printing machine Stylus printer
Graphic Format Supported DWG, PLT, SLG, WMF, EMF, AI
Marking surface Cylinder rotary surface and flat curved surface
Product description Pipe cylinder surface and flat curved surface metal marking machine-Stylus printer. Penumatic Metal Marking Machine is a good choice for factory production, especially for the metal products.

1. Core Parts: Imported from Taiwan, Japan, USA...etc.
2. 3 Years Warranty: Main parts, not including consumable part like pin head.
3. 10 Years Durable: Cast Iron Base.
4. Best Air Valve In The World: USA MAC.
5. Imported Luxembourg Pin Header: high tensile and durable for one whole year.
6. Imported Taiwan Air Pressure Regulator(controller).
7. High Precision Linear Slider HIWIN or SBC.
8. Millitary Aviation Cable.
9. Industrial Load Bearing Pole.
10. Industrial Screw Rod.
11. Convenient Control Buttons: Lamp, Air control, Print.