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Semi Automatic Marking / Etching System

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Specially designed for marking on flat and round jobs e.g. Drills, Taps, Knives, Clutches, Shock-ups, Engine Valves, Forceps, Clamps, Armatures, Screw Drivers etc. The machine is useful for marking ID number and large Logos as per customer's requirement.
Standard feature include

  • Suitable for large volume production.
  • Dose pump controller for dosing the electrolyte.
  • Etching depth can be controlled within 5-40 µm by varying parameters like voltage and timer.
  • Base with aluminum extruded column.
  • To hand safety button to avoid accidents.
  • Single stroke and Double stroke controller to get consistency in marking.
  • Output per hour : 300 - 400 pcs.
The system can be modified by adding automation like pick and place assembly for getting higher production and consistency as well.